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As of December 20, 2017, I have a back log of orders of approximately 90 days.

I am making and mailing spoons as fast as I can, so that everyone can receive their spoons "ASAP."

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Best wishes for a Happy and Blessed New Year.


Karen Davis of Sunbright, Tennessee is one of the premier wooden spoonmakers working today having made some 20,000 wooden spoons in her 21 years as a wooden spoonmaker. It all begin when she broke her last "skinny store bought spoon" while canning tomatoes.



She took a scrap of poplar from the firewood pile, using the broken spoon as a pattern and tools from her husband's auto body repair shop, she made her first wooden spoon. Which she is still using. Little did she know that was just the beginning.


She was asked to bring her wooden spoons to Historic Rugby's Spring Festival. That started 21 years and counting of Spring Festivals at Rugby which lead to her being juried into the Foothills Craft Guild and TACA, "Tennessee Association of Craft Artists" and made her dream of being a woodworker come true and turning her into a professional "Spoonmaker."


She expanded on the tools from the repair shop and perfected her techniques and pattern designs. Karen now has over a hundred styles and makes about 1000 pieces a year. Some styles are similar, and she only has a few styles in stock at a time. Karen uses local woods, poplar, maple, cherry and sometimes walnut. From her property or saw mills around Sunbright. Karen's "Hobby" soon grew into a business, she now participates in five craft shows each year. She spends five or six days a week in her shop to keep enough inventory.


The name of Karen's business is Anything Treen. Treen means taken from tree. She believes she can make almost anything from wood, including a cowboy hat.


All wooden spoons are made to order. Visit the Spoons page to find the wooden spoons you like and place your order.

Jeff Mauro the "Sandwich King" on the food network will be using Karen's spoons on his show starting Sunday Feb. 19th. It will air at 11:00 EST.    Jeff is a very talented guy from Chicago who won season seven of "STAR". This is his second season of "Sandwich King." Jeff is the nephew of a long time friend of Karen's.  We ALL wish him WELL.