Karen Davis

Over the years Karen’s wooden spoon making has evolved from just needing a spoon to a form of art. What started out as making a wooden spoon for cooking has turned into making the perfect wooden spoon for cooking.


Most of Karen’s patterns are her own ideas and designs, some are from necessity, some are, "cause they’re pretty.” Some are the ideas and styles of her customers and friends. Several people have brought Karen spoons that belonged to their mothers or grandmothers for Karen to “make one like theirs.”


The right-hand/left-hand stir wooden spoons came from a lady who made puddings and custards. These starch-based foods burn easily so she wanted a wooden spoon that would keep the custard moving in the bottom of the pan, keeping it from burning. Karen uses hers for gravy.


Karen starts by tracing her patterns onto the wood and cutting them out with the band saw. These are called blanks. Then Karen uses a duplicating rotor to rough them out. The use of the rotor makes it easier to do the deeper pieces. Then Karen uses stationary sanding tools, and "HANDY SANDY," a sander her very smart husband built for her. Handy minimizes the hand sanding by mimicking the movements of one’s hand. By having these sanding tools Karen sands away everything that’s not spoon, sanding every wooden spoon to perfection, making it smooth to the touch and pleasing to the eye. Something that is made to be used or "looked at" and passed down to the next generation.


Karen has always felt her wooden spoon making abilities are God given and strives not to waste them. "I’ve been blessed to do something I truly enjoy. And the really good part is all the wonderful and supportive folks I’ve met. Your visits are like previews of a really good book. They take me to places I’ll never get to go. To all of you, Thank You!"